Updating Varbase to work with Composer 2.0

Recommended to read first:

As for Varbase 8.8.8 and Varbase 9.0.0-rc1, Varbase works with both Composer 1.0 and Composer 2.0

You can build your new Varbase Project with Composer 2.0

If your site was built recently with the listed latest releases Varbase 8.8.8 or Varbase 9.0.0-rc1, but you used Composer 1.0 version. you are ready to start using Composer 2.0

Only update your Composer from 1.0 to 2.0

Do a composer update to update the autoloader.

If your site was built with Varbase 8.8.7 and older, you can follow the following steps:

Step #1: Update composer to latest composer 1.0 by

composer self-update --1

Step #2: Update Varbase projectcomposer.josn file

Change the following:

"composer/installers": "~1.0",
"oomphinc/composer-installers-extender": "~1.0",
"cweagans/composer-patches": "~1.0",
"drupal/drupal-library-installer-plugin": "^0.3",


"composer/installers": "~1.0 || ~2.0",
"oomphinc/composer-installers-extender": "~1.0 || ~2.0",
"cweagans/composer-patches": "~1.0",

Remove drupal/drupal-library-installer-plugin

Step #3: Update Varbase to 8.8.8 or 9.0.0-rc1 with Composer 1.0

composer update -vvv

You may repeat this composer update 2 or 3 times to make sure that their are no updates

Step #4: Update composer to latest composer 2.0 by

composer self-update --2

Step #5: Rebuild the autoloader for map of classes and namespaces

rm -rf composer.lock bin/ vendor/ docroot/modules/contrib/ docroot/themes/contrib/ docroot/profiles/varbase/ docroot/libraries/
composer install -vvv
cd docroot/
drush cr

At this point the autoload and real autoload files + mapping should be changed.

Check the complete changelog if you are interested in reading it all. https://github.com/composer/composer/releases/tag/2.0.0

Only if you do have any custom composer plugins or still having issues Or if modules are using the old way of autoloading

Custom Composer plugins must have "composer-plugin-api": "^1.1 || ^2"

Make sure that you do not have Invalid PSR-0 / PSR-4 . class configurations will not autoload anymore in optimized-autoloader mode, as per the warnings introduced in 1.10

Known issues:

Composer 2.0 issue for bower-asset/jqueryui-touch-punch library default branch

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