VMI: View Modes Inventory

Last updated 2 months ago

This module has a set of template view modes that we typically use (some of them) in each website.


Available View Modes and Its Layouts:

Vertical media teaser.

  • Vertical media teaser - xlarge.

  • Vertical media teaser - large.

  • Vertical media teaser - medium.

  • Vertical media teaser - small.

  • Vertical media teaser - xsmall.

Horizontal media teaser.

  • Horizontal media teaser - xlarge.

  • Horizontal media teaser - large.

  • Horizontal media teaser - medium.

  • Horizontal media teaser - small.

  • Horizontal media teaser - xsmall.

Text teaser.

  • Text teaser - large.

  • Text teaser - medium.

  • Text teaser - small.


  • Tout - xlarge.

  • Tout - large.

  • Tout - medium.


  • Hero xlarge.


  • Bootstrap theme or a sub theme.

  • Display Suite module.

  • Display Suite Extras module.

  • Field Group module.

  • Smart Trim module.



Site Builder Use Scenario:

To make use of this module, you can follow the following use case scenario:

  • Given that the "View Modes Inventory (VMI)" module is enabled

  • And you have a "Content type" to utilize the view modes available from VMI

  • And the "Content type" has a "Title field"

  • And a "Body field"

  • And an "Image field"

  • When you go to "Manage display" under the Default view mode admin/structure/types/manage/[CONTENT_TYPE_NAME]/display

  • And you click on "Custom display settings" tab link

    You will see the list of ready View Modes Inventory (VMI)

  • When you select the View Modes you need for the Content type and save

  • Then You will see the list of enabled View Modes auto mapped with their layout