Release Cycle and Supported Versions

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Understanding Version Numbers

Varbase follows Drupal 8 release cycle. Therefore, a version of Varbase that is named 8.x-5.x uses the same major version of Drupal 8.x-5.x.

To understand version numbers see the table below:

Varbase Supported Versions

Varbase supports up to 3 major versions:

  • The most recent one using the most recent Drupal 8 major version (e.g. 8.x-6.x)

  • The one before it (e.g. 8.x-5.x)

  • And the one before it (e.g. 8.x.4.x)

Once the most recent stable version of Drupal 8 is released (e.g. 8.x-7.x), Varbase will release its 8.x-7.x version and drop support of oldest supported version (e.g. 8.x.4.x).

See the below image for illustration of supported versions and major release cycle: