Managing Roles

Varbase utilizes the power of Drupal roles and permissions management. Roles are very flexible and can be easily managed and changed to accommodate your business scenarios.

By default, Varbase offers a set of predefined roles that work for most web content management systems.

Creating New Roles

Note: By default and as a best practice, only the Super admin role can add or delete roles.

To create a new role follow these steps:

  1. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to People\Roles.

  2. Click Add role to add a custom role.

  3. Enter the Role name that you want and save.

  4. Check the new role under the Roles tab.

You can now edit the permissions for this new Role.

Pay attention for the following when creating a new role: 1- Permissions 2- Assignable roles as it needs some configurations 3- Naming convention: Use sentence case for first letters and add spacing between the words.

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