Varbase Admin

Manage administration configurations.

Varbase Admin Module

Varbase admin features are bundled through the Varbase Admin module as part of the Varbase Core module. GitHub:

After building a project using the varbase-project template, you can see the code of the Varbase Admin module in:

|-- docroot
    |-- modules
        |-- contrib
            |-- varbase_core
                |-- contrib
                    |-- modules
                        |-- varbase_admin

Brings in the following core and contributed modules to your site:




(in Drupal core)

Allows users to manage customizable lists of shortcut links.


(in Drupal core)

Provides a toolbar that shows the top-level administration menu links and links from other modules.


(in Drupal core)

Logs and records system events to syslog.

Update Manager

(in Drupal core)

Checks for available updates, and can securely install or update modules and themes via a web interface.

Settings Tray

(in Drupal core)

Allows users to directly edit the configuration of blocks on the current page.' package: Core

Allows admins to protect users from being edited or cancelled, on a per-user basis.

Logs general CUD events performed by the user (using the forms) on the website.

Logs file CUD events performed by the user.

Logs node CUD events performed by the user.

Logs user CUD events performed by the user.

Logs taxonomy vocabulary and term CUD events performed by the user.

Logs node CUD events performed by the user.

Logs menu CUD events performed by the user.

Logs user authentication (login logout and request password).

Adds an ability to perform bulk operations on selected entities from view results.

Allows bulk edition of entity field values.

Provides an improved drop-down menu interface to the site Toolbar.

Adds menu links like Flush cache, Run cron, Run updates, and Logout under Drupal icon.

Provides a workaround for the common problem that users with 'Use the administration pages and help' permission see menu links they don't have access permission for.

Allows privileged users to masquerade as another user.

Allows to give roles per menu admin permissions without giving them full administer menu permission.

Provides a component that previews a page in various device dimensions.

Provides sensible defaults for revision logs, if none are given.

Add a clone action for all entities

Fixes the crooked access checks for Taxonomy pages.

Provides an Alfred like search box to navigate within your site.

Adds an optional length indicator to fields

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