Creating Your Own Theme

After building and installing the project with the Varbase Project template, use the create new Vartheme sub theme command.

Before that have a look at:

pageUnderstanding The Vartheme Base Theme

Learn more about Bootstrap standard build tools documentation, compile source code, run tests, and more.

Install Needed Tools Command

  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. Change directory in the terminal to docroot/themes/contrib/vartheme_bs4/scripts in the project.

  3. Run the bash ./

  4. Follow with the list of instructions.

cd PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/contrib/vartheme_bs4/scripts
bash ./

Install Needed Tools Manually

Recommended doing the installation of needed tools using the bash script command. But if that is not the case. By deciding to manually install custom versions. Please follow with the following steps.

1. Install sed and gawk

Helps with string replace and re-naming files.

sudo apt install -y sed gawk;

2. Install npm and nodejs

Helps getting more development tools and the Bootstrap and popper packages.

curl -sL | sudo -E bash - 
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nodejs
sudo apt install build-essential

curl -L | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt update
sudo apt install npm

3. Install Yarn

sudo apt install yarn

Install Yarn as a global by npm

sudo npm install -g yarn

4. Install Gulp

Helps in managing tasks when compiling SASS/SCSS to CSS

sudo npm install gulp-cli -g
sudo npm install gulp -D

Create new Vartheme BS4 Sub Theme

Create with Bash Script

  1. Open a terminal to run commands

  2. Change directory in the terminal to docroot/themes/contrib/vartheme_bs4/scripts

  3. Run the "THEME_NAME". Change the THEME_NAME to the project name or any selected theme name.

cd PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/contrib/vartheme_bs4/scripts
bash ./ "THEME_NAME"

Create with Yarn

cd PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/contrib/vartheme_bs4
yarn theme:create-sub-theme "THEME_NAME"

Example mythem for mysite

If a Varbase site named "mysite" was built using the following command:

cd /var/www/html
composer create-project Vardot/varbase-project:~9 mysite --no-dev --no-interaction

The folder mysite for the project is located at "/var/www/html/mysite"

Change directory to docroot/themes/contrib/vartheme_bs4/scripts

cd /var/www/html/mysite/docroot/themes/contrib/vartheme_bs4/scripts

Run the following bashcommand to create a custom theme named "mytheme"

bash ./ "mytheme"

The new theme will be located at "/var/www/html/mysite/docroot/themes/custom/mytheme"

When the finishes the following message will show up in the terminal

   The new Vartheme BS4 Sub-Theme were created at "/var/www/html/mysite/docroot/themes/custom/mytheme :)" 

Activate the New Theme

  • Go to Appearance in the administration of the Varbase site.

  • Search for the name of the newly generated theme

  • Click on Install and set as default.

  • Navigate to the home page to check if the new theme is the default theme.

Initiation Commands

First step to do after creating a new theme.

Change directory to the new theme in the terminal then run only gulp without arguments.

Run this command ones after creating a new sub theme

Run it again ones after updating the Bootstrap 4 library with yarn install

cd PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/custom/THEME_NAME
[10:55:40] Using gulpfile PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/custom/THEME_NAME/gulpfile.js
[10:55:40] Starting 'default'...
[10:55:40] Starting 'compile'...
[10:55:42] Finished 'compile' after 2.44 s
[10:55:42] Starting 'move_bootstrap_js_files'...
[10:55:43] Finished 'move_bootstrap_js_files' after 18 ms
[10:55:43] Starting 'move_popper_js_files'...
[10:55:43] Finished 'move_popper_js_files' after 3.89 ms
[10:55:43] Starting 'watch'...

or with Yarn

yarn theme:init

Compiling SCSS to CSS

  • For example change the color value for the primary color in scss/bootstrap-variables.scss file to test compiling SASS files to CSS

Then run gulp compile ones to compile every time the SCSS source changes.

cd PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/custom/THEME_NAME
gulp compile
[11:22:30] Using gulpfile PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/custom/THEME_NAME/gulpfile.js
[11:22:30] Starting 'compile'...
[11:22:33] Finished 'compile' after 2.54 s

or with Yarn

yarn theme:build

Watching SCSS Changes

Increase maximum watched SASS files by

echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288
 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf && sudo sysctl -p

Run gulp watch to keep watching for changes. This command will auto compile on each save of changes for SCSS files.

cd PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/custom/THEME_NAME
gulp watch
[11:25:53] Using gulpfile PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/custom/THEME_NAME/gulpfile.js
[11:25:53] Starting 'watch'...

or with Yarn

yarn theme:watch

Cloning a Project

On the state of working in a team in a project, the created theme could be don by other member of the team.

When the theme get committed by git for example, the node_modules folder will not be committed. As it is listed in the .gitignore file.

After cloning a project with a Vartheme Sub theme.

Run the following commands to get all development tools

cd PROJECT_DIR_NAME/docroot/themes/custom/THEME_NAME
yarn install

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