Check Standards/Practice Coding And Linting

Following with the Drupal core Coding standards

All Varbase components have a list of ready tools and script commands. That is to help contributors on the step of checking standards.

Please make sure to run the check and linting commands while contributing a new feature or a fix patch/MR.

Installing Coder Sniffer and Drupal Check

Specifically, there are two rule sets, Drupal and DrupalPractice.

Before starting to check the code using phpcs or phpcbf

Follow with steps from docs on Installing Coder Sniffer

Check Drupal Standard And Practice Coding

Check Drupal standard and practice coding.

yarn phpcs

PHP Code Beautifier and Fixer

Fix many errors and warnings automatically.

yarn phpcbf

Linting YAML files

Check all .yml files with Drupal standard yaml format.

yarn lint:yaml

Linting JavaScript files

Check all JavaScript .js, .json files with Drupal standard scripting format.

yarn lint:js

Linting Styling

Check all styling .css files with Drupal standard styling format and order.

yarn lint:css


If you are using Lando, a local development environment, you can easily integrate PHPStan into your workflow. Follow these steps:

a. Open your terminal or command prompt and navigate to the root directory of your Drupal project.

b. Run the command lando phpstan to execute PHPStan analysis within your Lando environment.

c. PHPStan will analyze your codebase and provide a detailed report, highlighting any potential issues found.

d. Review the analysis results and follow the recommendations provided by PHPStan to address any identified issue

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