Varbase Media

Manages type of media contents and entity browsers in the site.

Varbase Media Module

Varbase media features are bundled through the Varbase Media module. GitHub:

After building a project using the varbase-project template, you can see the code of the Varbase Media module in:

|-- docroot
    |-- modules
        |-- contrib
            |-- varbase_media

Brings in the following core and contributed modules to your site:




(in Drupal core)

Manages the user registration and login system.


(in Drupal core)

Controls the visual building blocks a page is constructed with. Blocks are boxes of content rendered into an area, or region, of a web page.

Custom Block

(in Drupal core)

Allows the creation of custom blocks and block types.


(in Drupal core)

Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages.


(in Drupal core)

Enables the categorization of content.


(in Drupal core)

Allows users to rename URLs.


(in Drupal core)

Defines a field type for files.


(in Drupal core)

Defines a field type for image media and provides display configuration tools.


(in Drupal core)

Manages the creation, configuration, and display of media items.

Media Library

(in Drupal core)

Enhances the media list with additional features to more easily find and use existing media items.


(in Drupal core)

Manages breakpoints and breakpoint groups for responsive designs.

Responsive Image

(in Drupal core)

Provides an image formatter and breakpoint mappings to output responsive images using the HTML5 picture tag.

Extend the display options for every entity type.

Contains additional features for Display Suite.

Provides advanced options (e.g. links, checkboxes, or other widgets) to exposed Views elements.

Provides storage and API for image crops.

The Drupal integration for DropzoneJS.

DropzoneJS Entity browser widget.

Provides a framework for different types of embeds in text editors.

Provide a generic entity browser/picker/selector.

Provides some behavior and style enhancements to Entity Browsers, specifically for multiselect and image/media browsers.

Entity browser inline entity form integration.

Allows entities to be embedded using a text editor.

Allows users to specify the focal point of an image for use during cropping.

A pager which allows an infinite scroll effect for views.

Allows uploading files in bulk and converting them to media entities.

Add an edit button to the Media Library widget when an item is selected.

Adds revisions interface for Media entity

Adds an ability to perform bulk operations on selected entities from view results.

Allows bulk edition of entity field values.

Provides basic Blazy integration for lazy loading and multi-serving images.

Slick carousel, the last carousel you'll ever need.

Generates WebP copies of image style derivatives.

Sub Modules

Entity Browser Generic Embed Module

Varbase Media is enabling this module by default.

A generic/global embed text area for Entity Browsers that allows you to paste any URL to create a media entity based on the URL schema.

Varbase Media Twitter Module

Manages default config for Tweet media type.

pageVarbase Media Twitter

Varbase Media Instagram Module

Manages default config for Instagram media type.

pageVarbase Media Instagram

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