Vartheme Claro

A modern administration theme for Varbase standard websites.

Based on the Claro Drupal core admin theme.

Following up with Drupal Design system

  • Left to right (LTR) support with custom tweaks and fixes.

  • Right to left (RTL) support with a better selected RTL font.

Varbase Claro Admin Theme

Varbase administration theme are bundled through the Vartheme Claro theme. GitHub:

After building a project using the varbase-project template, you can see the code of the Vartheme Claro theme in:

|-- docroot
    |-- themes
        |-- contrib
            |-- vartheme_claro

Brings in the following core and contributed themes to your site:




(in Drupal core)

A clean, accessible, and powerful Drupal administration theme.

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