Varbase Default Content

Provides starter default content for Varbase.

Varbase Default Content Module

Varbase default content are bundled through the Varbase Default Content module as part of the Varbase Core module. GitHub:

After building a project using the varbase-project template, you can see the code of the Varbase Default Content module in:

|-- docroot
    |-- modules
        |-- contrib
            |-- varbase_core
                |-- contrib
                    |-- modules
                        |-- varbase_default_content

Brings in the following core and contributed modules to your site:




(in Drupal core)

Controls the visual building blocks a page is constructed with. Blocks are boxes of content rendered into an area, or region, of a web page.

Block Content

(in Drupal core)

Allows the creation of custom blocks and block types.

Imports default content when a module is enabled

Default Content


Having the home page as a content page. Using the Varbase Landing page (Layout Builder) content type for that.

Managing the home page with hero slider or not. When the Varbase Media Hero Slider module was enabled or not on the installation of Varbase.

Block Content

  • Welcome to Varbase block

  • Copyright block

  • Home

  • About Varbase

  • Contact Us

  • Community Support

  • Documentation

  • Get Professional Support

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