Varbase API

A JSON:API implementation with authentication and authorization that allows for easy ingestion of content by other applications.

Varbase API Module

Varbase API features are bundled through the Varbase API module. GitHub:
After building a project using the varbase-project template, you can see the code of the Varbase API module in:
|-- docroot
|-- modules
|-- contrib
|-- varbase_api
Brings in the following core and contributed modules to your site:
(in Drupal core)
Exposes entities as a JSON:API-specification-compliant web API.
Connects Drupal to the OpenAPI Javascript Library.
OpenAPI support for the JSON:API module.
OpenAPI support for the REST module.
Provides display of OpenAPI docs using the ReDoc library.
Provides display of OpenAPI docs using the Swagger UI plugin.
The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework
Provides a user interface to manage REST resources.
Builds on top of JSON:API to deliver extra functionality.
Builds on top of JSON API to deliver extra functionality.

Listed in the extra components

Can be installed in the extra components installation step with Varbase.
Varbase API in the List of Varbase Extra Components Installation Step