Varbase Landing Page (Paragraphs)

Provides the basis for Landing Pages, which are built to include appealing stacked components that are visually separate.

Varbase Landing Page (Paragraphs) Module

Varbase landing page using paragraphs features are bundled through the Varbase Landing Page (Paragraphs) module. GitHub:

After building a project using the varbase-project template, you can see the code of the Varbase Landing Page (Paragraphs) module in:

|-- docroot
    |-- modules
        |-- contrib
            |-- varbase_landing

Brings in the following core and contributed modules to your site:



Provides additional paragraphs widgets.

Extends the paragraphs field widgets to support asymmetric translations.

Adds an optional length indicator to fields

Provides an additional formatter for text field, text area and text format.

Limit the number of characters in textfields and textareas and shows the amount of characters left.

Required Varbase Modules

This module needs the following Varbase modules in order to function.

Varbase Bootstrap Paragraphs Module

A suite of Paragraph bundles to be used for Varbase distribution.

pageVarbase Bootstrap Paragraphs

Varbase Media Module

Manages type of media contents and entity browsers in the site.

pageVarbase Media

Varbase SEO Module

Provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Core features and settings.

pageVarbase SEO

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