Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I update Varbase to the most recent version?

Use the new update instructions. Click here for detailed instructions.

I have Varbase 8.4.x, how can I start using Media in core instead of the contributed Media modules?

You will need to update your Varbase installation to use Varbase 8.6.x, the varbase-updater project will guide you through this process in a wizard. Click here for detailed instructions.

Alternatively, you can update your site in two steps.

  1. Update to Varbase 8.4.28, then run drush updb to migrate your media entities to the core Media.

  2. After first steps is successful, update to the most recent version of Varbase.

What does each Varbase version mean?

Varbase follows Drupal 8/9 release cycle. Therefore, a version of Varbase that is named 8.x-5.x uses the same major version of Drupal 8.x-5.x.

Read the Release Cycle and Supported Versions to understand more.

What will happen if a patch that was added in the composer.json file got applied in the version of a module/package?

We have developed a mechanism to handle and detect this scenario. Read how the new composer-patches package developed by Vardot will handle these cases. Note, you'll need to have Varbase 8.6.3 to make use of this plugin.

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