Other Security Kits

Security Kit for XSS, CSRF, SSL/TLS, Expect-CT, and More

To configure the Security Kit module in your site, navigate to: Administration \ Configuration \ System \ Security Kit settings

The configuration page allows you to configure settings to tighten your website's security regarding:

  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

    • Content Security Policy (CSP): Content Security Policy is a policy framework that allows to specify trustworthy sources of content and to restrict its capabilities. You may read more about it at Mozilla Wiki.

    • X-XSS-Protection header: X-XSS-Protection HTTP response header controls Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari internal XSS filters.

  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF): Configure levels and various techniques of protection from cross-site request forgery attacks.

  • Clickjacking

    • X-Frame-Options header: Configure the X-Frame-Options HTTP header.

    • JavaScript-based protection: Warning: With this enabled, the site will not work at all for users who have JavaScript disabled (e.g. users running the popular NoScript browser extension, if they haven't whitelisted your site).

  • SSL/TLS: Configure various techniques to improve security of SSL/TLS

  • Expect-CT: Configure the Expect-CT header which allows sites to opt in to reporting and/or enforcement of Certificate Transparency requirements. See Mozilla's developer documentation.

  • Feature policy: Allows configuration of the Feature-Policy header to selectively enable, disable, and modify the behavior of certain APIs and web features in the browser. See Google's developer documentation.

  • Miscellaneous: Configure miscellaneous unsorted security enhancements such as:

    • From-Origin HTTP response header

    • Referrer-Policy HTTP response header

All necessary documentation and examples of usage are on the settings page.

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