URL Redirects

What are URL Redirects?

The "URL Redirects" page is used to setup and manage URL Redirects. New redirects are created here using the Add redirect button which presents a form to simplify the creation of redirects. The URL redirects page provides a list of all redirects on the site and allows you to edit them.

Who Can Manage the URL Redirects?

By default on Varbase, there are default roles that can manage URL Redirects and they are:

  • Super Admin

  • SEO Admin

  • Site Admin

How to Manage the URL Redirects?

As a Super Admin, Site Admin, or SEO Admin, please navigate to Administration \ Configurations \ Search and metadata \ Redirect.

This page will view all the site's URL redirects that are already applied.

How to Add URL Redirects?

This section will explain how to add users Varbase, please navigate to Administration \ Configurations \ Search and metadata \ Redirect \ Add URL redirect.

Follow these steps to add a URL redirect:

  1. Fill in the Path

  2. Fill in the To - where you would like the user to be redirected to whether to internal or external pages

  3. Choose the Redirect status

    • 300 - Multiple choices

    • 301 - Moved Permanently

    • 302 - FOund

    • 303 - See other

    • 304 - Not Modified

    • 305 - Use Proxy

    • 307 - Use temporary Redirect

  4. If your site is multi-lingual then select the redirect according to the language.

  5. Then click Save

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