Release Cycle

Varbase is released every 2 to 3 weeks. Minor releases will be tagged when new features are introduced.
Varbase releases are being communicated, coordinated and discussed on project's page at:

Feature Roadmap and Change Log

These epics still need to be further research and refined. Please contact us if you have ideas about realization or contribution.
We have broken down the epics by month to provide a clear and transparent roadmap. Apart from the regular Drupal updates, bug fixes. these are new features to be added.
June 2022
May 2022
April 2022
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.5
  • Changed Requirements. PHP 8.0 is recommended.
  • Support PHP8.1 and MySQL 8 for Varbase ~9.0 and all used components with automated testing
  • Revised Password Policy and Password Confirmation Suggestions message
  • Added and enabled CKEditor Paste Filter module
  • Switched to use the Module Installer Factory with Varbase distribution and all Varbase components
  • Switched from deprecated Node Sass to Dart Sass compiler using Gulp and changed minimum Nodejs version to 16.0 and later in the Varbase distribution
  • Have a default template for merge requests and issues for the Varbase profile project and all Varbase components in Gitlab
March 2022
February 2022
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.5
  • Updated the Update Helper module from ~2.0 to ~3.0
  • Change Drush from ~10.0 to ~10.0 || ~11.0 for easier support, update, and upgrade process in development and production servers
  • Switched from deprecated class VarbaseEntityDefinitionUpdateManager to EntityDefinitionUpdateManager
  • Added more step definitions for Varbase Layout Builder automated testing for section styling with padding , margin, border style, border width, border color, border radius, background image settings, background video settings
January 2022
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.4
  • Added composer allow-plugins to composer.json for Varbase and Varbase Project template to work with Composer 2.2.1 and later versions
  • Added Antibot module with config to Varbase Security
  • Added Email Registration module to Varbase Core to allow users to login using Email or username
  • Added new step definitions to Varbase Context to help automate the testing for Varbase Layout Builder
  • Added Automated Testing Gherkin features for the Varbase Landing (Layout Builder) content type
  • Revised Honeypot configurations
December 2021
November 2021
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.3
  • Updated Drupal core to 9.2.10 for new builds.
    which is a patch (bugfix) release of Drupal 9 and is ready for use on production sites.
  • Updated Bootstrap library from 4.6.0 to 4.6.1
  • Added "Authored by" filter to admin content views in Varbase Admin
  • Added "Authored by" filter to Media Table and Media Grid views in Varbase Media
  • Added Reroute Email ~2.0 module and enable with default config to Varbase Development module
  • Added Flood Control module to Varbase Security for login attempt limiting
  • Added the Block Library module ( ~1.0 ) with basic config for available block types
October 2021
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.2
  • Added access permission check to "View JSON" operation link
  • Fixed "View API Documentation" link in entity operations
  • Added new permissions to Site Admin user role to access "View JSON" and "View API Docs" entity operations
  • Switched Varbase Entity Definition Update Manager class to extend the vardot/entity-definition-update-manager class library
  • Removed the Quick Edit module from Varbase install
  • Added drush ~10 to require-dev only for development workflow #115 for the default vardot/varbase-project template
  • Added drupal/core-dev ~9 to require-dev only for development workflow #116 for the default vardot/varbase-project template
  • Added lint:yaml and update the package.json for Varbase Installation profile with latest Drupal 9.3.x dev tools
Highlighted Changes for 8.x-8.12
  • Support PHP7.4 for Varbase ~8.0 and all used components with automated testing
  • Fixed Varbase profile requires drupal/core ^8.8.0 || ~9.0.0 with ~8.0 || ~9.0
September 2021
August 2021
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.1
  • Added support for the Varbase Updater ( Auto updater ) to auto update Varbase ~8 sites to Varbase ~9.0 #40
  • Added support for the Varbase Subprofile Generator to use Varbase 9 to generate Varbase Sub profile Basic template profile #4
July 2021
June 2021
Highlighted Changes for 8.x-8.x:
  • Updated Drupal Core from 8.9.14 to 8.9.15 ( ~8.9 ) and remove committed patches
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.x:
  • Added Vertical and Horizontal alignments to section styling settings for Varbase Layout Builder ~10
  • Added Boxed options ( Wide, Medium, Narrow, Tiny ) in Varbase Layout Builder ~10
  • Changed the style for Social Auth login buttons to go with the new standard branding and trust
  • Added Media Bulk Upload module
  • Added an operations link for nodes with Layout Builder enabled
  • Added Bootstrap Display headings sizes to CKEditor styles for the Rich editor in Varbase Editor
  • Added Editor Advanced link module
May 2021
April 2021
March 2021
Highlighted Changes for 8.x-8.x:
  • Added a tag release-varbase workflow job for the CircleCI automated testing pipelines
  • Fixed Blazy Blurry performance issues of not exist derivative image and enhance the logic of the encoding of base64 image
  • Fixed creating Blazy Blurry derivatives only if necessary, and the creation of Image style or responsive image style derivatives only if necessary
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.x:
  • Updated Varbase Layout Builder module from ~9.0 to ~10.0
  • Started a 10.0.x branch for Varbase Layout Builder to use Bootstrap Styles and Bootstrap Layout Builder
  • Changed default content for the Homepage to match with the Varbase Layout Builder ~10 config structure
  • Switched Blog site section page, Blog post, Blog categories, and Tags to use Varbase Layout Builder ~10
  • Changed style of Edit Layout page and preview of sections to look like the front end view of the page
  • Changed Varbase Layout Builder default set of breakpoints, layouts, and styles
  • Added a checkbox "Keep gutters between columns" to section layout and Default options for sections
  • Fixed the style of ADD TO LIBRARY and IMPORT FROM LIBRARY for Layout Builder Section Library
  • Made Edge to edge background default checked on
  • Fixed Container type and Gutters layouts rendering
February 2021
Highlighted Changes for 8.x-8.x:
  • Added WebP module ~1.0 and enable by default
  • Updated Bootstrap library from 4.5.3 to 4.6.0 Bootstrap v4.6.0 was released
  • Added Preloaded fonts include in Vartheme BS4
  • Switched to CircleCI as the default automated testing platform
January 2021
December 2020
Highlighted Changes for 8.x-8.x:
  • Allowed Varbase to work with Composer ~2.0
Highlighted Changes for 9.0.x:
  • Updated Drupal core from ~9.0 to ~9.1 and change needed patches
  • Allowed Varbase to work with Composer ~2.0
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