Masquerading as another user

Masquerading users is one of the very helpful and useful features that allows top-level users to view the site as a lower-level user in terms of permissions and functionality.

Typically masquerading users is permitted to the webmaster user that has the super admin role assigned to it, while the site admin can only masquerade other lower-level users.

The permissions to masquerade users can be viewed by navigating to People / Permissions under the Manage administrative menu.

Note that the masquerading permission will have some security issues as any changes, edits, and content uploading on the site will appear as being authored by the masqueraded user.

There are two methods to masquerade a user.

First method:

  1. Navigate to Manage/People .

  2. Click on Masquerade as option under the Operations menu next to the user.

Second method:

  1. Navigate to Manage/People .

  2. Click on the user to be masqueraded to view the user profile, Content admin for example.

  3. Click on the Masquerade as [user] link.

User Profiles

When masquerading a user, a confirmation message will appear, and the username will be changed to reflect changes, in addition to a button to unmasquerade.

Masquerading a User Confirmation Message and Changes

Clicking on unmasquerade will revert the user to its original state.

Un-masquerading a User Confirmation Message and Changes

Masquerading users should be only used to test and view other users permitted actions and functions, be careful while using this feature.

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