Varbase Total Control Dashboard

A dashboard is what's missing for better Drupal administration experience.

This dashboard is built on top of Total Control Admin Dashboard module, utilizing Panels, Google Analytics Reports, and several enhanced blocks and widgets for an intuitive and flexible administration experience.

The idea is made to provide the site admins with an appealing and concise dashboard to become the home of any Drupal site's administration task.

Varbase Total Control Dashboard Module

Varbase dashboard features are bundled through the Varbase Total Control Dashboard module. GitHub:

After building a project using the varbase-project template, you can see the code of the Varbase Total Control Dashboard module in:

|-- docroot
    |-- modules
        |-- contrib
            |-- varbase_total_control

Brings in the following core and contributed modules to your site:



Total Control Administration Dashboard

Display statistics from Google Analytics using Views.

API to access statistics from the Google Analytics Core Reporting API.

A charting API for Drupal that provides chart elements and integration with Views.

Charts module integration with C3 Charts.

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