Release Cycle and Supported Versions

Understanding Version Numbers

Varbase follows the Drupal 8/9 release cycle. Therefore, a version of Varbase that is named 8.x uses the same major version of Drupal 8.x.

Varbase Supported Versions

Varbase supports one major version. That is the most recent one using the most recent Drupal 8/9 major version (e.g. 8.9.x , 9.2.x).
Once the most recent stable version of Drupal 9 is released (e.g. 9.3.x), Varbase will release its 9.0.x version and drop support of oldest supported version (e.g. 8.8.x).
Upgrade paths will always be provided to guarantee a smooth move between Varbase versions.
See the below image for illustration of supported versions and major release cycle: