Varbase Roadmap

Release cycle

Varbase is released every 2 to 3 weeks. Minor releases will be tagged when new features are introduced.

Varbase releases are being communicated, coordinated and discussed on project's page at:

Builds history

Build Status Builds are executed using Travis CI and can be viewed on this link:

Feature roadmap

These epics still need to be further research and refined. Please contact us if you have ideas about realization or contribution.

We have broken down the epics by month to provide a clear and transparent roadmap. Apart from the regular Drupal updates, bug fixes, these are new features to be added.

Month Epic
July 2017 - Landing pages using Paragraphs
- Varbase Search feature to provide turnkey search feature
- Cleanup composer installer to provide project-specific composer file for easier updates
August 2017 - Add ability to clone entities/nodes
- Add an admin dashboard for intuitive administration experience
- Add ability to embed tweets, and other rich content in WYSIWYG
- Add "Autocomplete deluxe" for nicer tagging
- Add Schema Metatag for Varbase SEO
September 2017 - Add subprofile template for distributions willing to build on top of Varbase
- Add better paragraphs preview
- Add demo content and template theme
October 2017 - Upgrade to Drupal 8.4
- Add "coming soon" feature for new sites
November 2017 To be determined
December 2017 To be determined

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